My goal is to offer enormous valuable life-changing tools for you to embrace and implement in your life, relationships and business so you can relish in what you desire.

It’s true I have been accused of being “Miss Positive” for many years!

You know, the kind of person who looks for the sunshine in the rain finding the rainbow after the rain shower. Yeah, that would be me!

It’s been my passion to reveal the bright side of every situation. However, we could all watch a funny movie for a good laugh but you still have to return to reality after it’s over.

Rather than tolerating what life serves you how about learning to become the change. Identify the problem, discover the lesson, hear the message or pass the test that is attached to the situation so you can learn and expand. It’s about finding the good, and staying calm when obstacles rock your world.

When we can take control of our perception, apply the power of a magnificent mindset we attract great experiences, build strong relationships and become passionate for life. 

Everything happens for reason, the good the bad and the indifferent. It’s been my motto to living the best life that I know possible even when life throw’s you the crappy stuff.

After years of working with hundreds of individuals as a healer in Massage Therapy, Reflexology & Reiki along with growing a Multi Million dollar successful home based network marketing business I was able to identify what separated those who thrived in life and those who barely survived. The missing element was simply one thing ~ Taking on the Power of a Magnificent Mindset.

It’s true what they say about if you THINK YOU CAN your right and if you THINK you CAN’T your Right!

Surrounding myself with personal growth and development gurus, I discovered how to go from the VICTIM into VICTORY in every aspect of my LIFE!

Freedom came when I discovered that “I” had complete control to show up and take responsibility for my happiness. After years of unhealthy relationships and self-defeat I was able to apply these principles to my personal success story. Having no intentions of stopping with my life story, I soon realized that just by sharing my story along with the techniques that worked for my life miraculously helped my clients improve their relationships, feel healthier, and become more productive for overall success.

It’s about getting real! I am human just like you. There are days that I mess up or would rather not remember but it’s about the bouncing back that matters. Get up, learn from it and move on!

I attribute my success and tenacity from growing up on Long Island, NY. Basically, if you don’t get going, your going to get ran over. You don’t have many choices, when you fall, fail or just flop down from exhaustion, look out cause someone’s on your tail. 

Get up, brush your self off and MOVE on because your life is waiting for YOU to show up!

It also helps to have a fabulous husband Michael, who has stood by my side cheering me on and believing in me even when I had doubts in myself.

We have gone through our own struggles from infertility to adopting our son Jake from Russia and most recently a SUPER Surprise of getting pregnant with Chase Michael after being told I could never get pregnant. Raising children comes with their own set of challenges that are absolutely out of your control. There are a ton of life lessons from raising children, especially because there is no manual. Children challenge you to find the good and roll with it every stage of the game. It is so rewarding when they finally “get it “. 

What keep’s me engaged on this journey is my amazing clients and their transforming results. The need to empower and inspire more individuals to stand in their power to share their gifts with the world continues with each success story.

What you do in your life matters to me because I believe that you have the ability to make a huge impact in the world we live in. I want to invite you to take on my personal challenge to Step up, stand in your power and live your life in magnificence. 

Through my workshops, videos and programs you’ll learn practical ways to master your mind, love deeper and connect spiritually with your true potential.

It’s my commitment to do what it takes to deliver you the best cutting edge tips and tools to make it happen for you.  Learn more about my company here to find out how we can help you.

My wish for you is to make today the day you commit to yourself to take ACTION. When the moment is right, I look forward to working with you!