Successful goal setting in a few minutes a day.


As the New Year roles on we have cleaned the slate from what didn’t work last year and have set new goals. Our desires and vision is to make this the best year ever. Maybe last year's successful goal setting project didn’t go as well as planned. Clearly, no body sets out to have a year be a flop. We lose interest in our goals simply because it takes work, stepping out of our comfort zones. We start off with great ambition, life derails us and we get off track. The reality is that it takes work to set a goal and consistent action to make it happen. 


My goal is to encourage you to set higher intentions for yourself with simple tactics on how to embrace and achieve each of your goals moment with complete focus and intention.


It’s true what they say about seeing is achieving. There are studies on trained athlete’s to visualize taking action in the game, hitting the ball and seeing how far it goes. Those who have gone through this visualization exercise have shown greater improvement than those who don’t apply this step by taking the time to visualize the action.


Imagine if you implemented this same technique into your business and everyday life. Visualize, achieve and embrace the outcome having achieved the goal just like professional athletes have been encouraged to do in their everyday life. This technique is not just for the athletes. I’ve been implemented this technique into my daily life and taught many clients to do the same and the results are amazing.


My first experience with visualizing goals and desires was in 2002. At the time I was a consultant for a skin care company that offered a Mercedes-Benz as a company car incentive. At a business meeting conducted by Dr. Shad Helmstetter the author of What to Say When You Talk to Your Self, encouraged us to set a date for achieving the goal of earning the company car. Having been so new to the company, I had no idea what I was doing but I played along thinking how awesome this would be if it really worked. Randomly, I turned to February 2002 in pink marker wrote “EARN WHITE MERCEDES”.


Over the next year, I focused on my daily business actions keeping an eye on the picture of me sitting in my dream car. Each day I would imagine picking up the keys to my brand new car while engaging with the happy customers, new consultants and their families that I was able to have an impact on because of taking action sharing the company and products.

Excitingly, I did earn the car one month earlier then planned. As I began implementing visualization into my life I found it difficult to imagine that it was really going to work. Quickly, I began to see the results as I applied it to other goals in my life some as simple as easy parking spaces opening up as I approach the store, selling homes (this worked on the last two homes we sold), getting an opening in a safe child care learning center for my son, attracting awesome clients into my business, the list could go on and on. I’ve since named this technique “Asking for Magnificent Miracles”.


Here is how to simply apply this technique and start seeing Magnificent Miracles in your everyday life.


Be Specific: Write down exactly what you want to happen. The more details you have the better. Think of it as though you’re placing an order. If you’re looking to lose weight, write down how much you want to lose by what date. You can even break it down to how much you want to lose each week or month. Be sure to write the date on when you want to achieve this goal. Setting a date creates a focus on when you want this to come true.


Know your Why: What will change in your life when you accomplish this goal? Having supporting reasons to know why you want to achieve your goal will help you stay on track. It’s the supporting reasons that keep you on track. If you’re goal is to make more money you’ll want to have reasons why you want to make more money. Have a clear image of how this goal will have an impact on your life and the lives of others.


Visualize: Take time each day to imagine your life when you have achieved your goal. Embrace the feelings you will feel when you have completed the goal. Embrace and feel the emotions of those lives you’ve had an impact on because you set your intentions and made it happen.


“What you think about you bring about” ~ Bob Proctor


Here's my take on this, if you're going to THINK then you might as well THINK about what you DO want instead of what you DON"T want just in case this really does work. Also, you might consider surrounding yourself with pictures and reminders that inspire and add value to you. Stay focused on the live you want to attract by taking daily actions on what will bring you closer to making it a REALITY.