” I’m the type of person who is very motivated with huge vision and belief in what is possible. When I met Elizabeth my business was doing well although I knew I could help more people but just didn’t know what was holding me back. Within my fist session, Elizabeth was able to identify and shift my mindset on what is my way from catapulting forward to greater success. Since working with Elizabeth I have been able to identify my ideal client, working with people who I really love to work with and how to reach them with my message. Just by implementing the principles that Elizabeth has taught me my business has grown every month. I have exceeded my goals by achieving my annual target with 4 months. If you want a mentor that will encourage you both personally and professionally, Elizabeth walks her talk and will show you the way”

Ania Fidducia |All Service Concierge, LLC |

“After starting a new business, my emotions immediately went from excited, to nervous, to downright scared! Since working with Elizabeth, I have been able to conquer my fears and grow my business. I have more confidence in building my business and teaching my team. I’ve been able to accomplish my goals faster and with ease. Elizabeth is a wealth of knowledge and has helped simplify my days so I’m no longer feeling overwhelmed. Putting her suggestions into action have been extremely effective for me and my team. If you’re looking to gain confidence, grow your business and love your journey then Elizabeth will help guide you to success.”

Louise Loehwing | Younique Team Leader |

“Elizabeth is a forward thinking professional, who is able to relate to entrepreneurs on a high level. When I met Elizabeth I was looking to expand my companies services to small business owners. We worked on a strategy and successfully executed it, business and life are better than ever. I highly recommend working with Elizabeth for a better business and lifestyle.”

Paul Aemisegeo, Nex Gen Payroll & Business Solutions

“Working with Elizabeth has opened my eyes to discovering really how to handle all the moving parts of what goes into a business. I feel more organized than eve and I am able to enjoy having more time to do the things I really love doing. Besides my business going really well, I have been able to nurture my relationships. Since working with Elizabeth, my business has grown, my confidence level is amazing and I have balance, like never before!”

Lauren Jacobson | LJ Cruise and Travel


“I decided to take a step toward simplifying my business and personal life so I signed up to attend the 7 week Oxygen for a Magnificent Mindset Program offered by Elizabeth. I had been lucky enough to attend two of her smaller group sessions and realized her energy and guidance were just what I needed to clarify and identify goals in my life. Running my own business I did not notice that I allowed it to consume me as a person. I was attached to my phone 24/7 due to the nature of my healthcare business and being on-call. In my “free time” I was still working on work vs. enjoying life and my surroundings. The program allowed me to learn from Elizabeth but also work through plans with other business owners that participated in the program. I have been able to simplify my life and business. Even months after the program I have allowed myself to vacation, brought in extra staff to take over some of the on call responsibilities and have made an agreement with myself to leave the office early two days a week. Thank you so much Elizabeth for your continued support and guidance!”

Kathleen Coughlin |

“Elizabeth has been a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine! I’ve used several other business coaches and I recognize the value of the process. With Elizabeth, her approach was organic and free-flowing. She helped illuminate the connection between my business goals and my personal ones. Recognizing the way the two cannot be separated is a huge discovery. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a gentle nudge or a swift kick. She magically senses what you need and then helps you take that next step toward success. Perhaps, toward a BLAZE of success! Thank you, Elizabeth!”

Donna Hosfeld | Hosfeld Insurance, LLC |

” My personal life and business are going better than ever! Coaching with Elizabeth has helped me create balance in business and in personal life. I have been able to clarify goals and be held accountable to achieve 100% of them. I feel empowered and encouraged to make career and personal decisions that have enabled me to grow body, mind and soul.”

Nina Tulio-Odem | Anthony Ashley Hair Design|



“Working with Elizabeth has been a fantastic experience. I instantly knew that she was what I needed to help me grow my business. She is caring, passionate and intuitively helps people grow their business and love their life. I was struggling in my career looking to find my path for success. Talking to her was like talking to a close friend. Her step by step process has helped me gain clarity on what direction to attract more clients as well as having successful “closing the sale” conversations. Working with Elizabeth has helped me grow my business as well as change my mindset for my personal life, I don’t think I would have had this much success without having worked with her. I have more confidence than ever and I LOVE what I doing!”

Jamie Acheberger |Keller Williams Agent


“Elizabeth keeps me focused on the activities necessary to achieve my goals. Elizabeth s always energetic and motivating during our sessions together. My business has grown since working with Elizabeth. We have seen more patients and created new services to offer our patients. I highly recommend working with her if you’re ready to reach the next level in your business.”

Heather Strencosky D.C| Comprehensive Chiropractic

“After working with Elizabeth for the past several months, I am THRILLED to say that August was my BEST MONTH EVER in my business! She helped me focus on what would increase sales the FASTEST way possible and after 3 years of trying a little of everything. I am better able to look at what will work spending more time creating significant RESULTS! Thank you Elizabeth!”

Deb Coscia | Abundant Style |



“Elizabeth has truly helped my company grow and become grounded. After working with Elizabeth and implementing the techniques we discussed to strategically grow I am watching my ROI with amazement. Elizabeth has a gift that you will find refreshing, Inspirational and Motivating. As she get’s involved in your company, it’s quickly apparent that her motivation comes from the heart wanting to help others. A rare find-a True GEM! I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth to anyone serious about establishing and improving your business sense.”

Randy Herbert | Grime Fighters |


“I have changed my entire direction of thinking and have grown so much over the past year of working with Elizabeth. I realize now that there is a bigger purpose for my life. I feel that Elizabeth has helped me rise above my fear, open my eyes at that uncomfortable level and show me how the world looks operating at the heights I should be working from. And I have to tell you, It looks pretty dang awesome!”

Summer Keen | Primerica Financial Services


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