I’m sure if you’re like most people you don’t think of yourself as unhappy but let me ask you this…. Could you be happier on a daily basis? Some of us take happiness for granted waiting for someone else to come an deliver it on out door step. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way. It does take effort but the rewards are so worth it. What if I told you that you could have an overall happier vibe from within, would you be interested in making a few changes to reap the rewards of feeling happier?


Before we jump into the 7 steps to happiness for everyday life, lets talk about what will change in your life if you were a bit happier. If you were happier you would be more approachable, open to see things from a different perspective, feel more confident, have more courage to try new things, have more patience, feel energized and excited to live life. Chances are you would probably set goals and achieve them faster then you ever imagined possible.


A few years ago I ran a 7-week program called Oxygen for a Magnificent Mindset program. In the program we implemented techniques that created subtle shifts from within, just by changing a few behaviors and modify how we see and react to everyday life. The results among the participants were amazing. One of the participants was struggling with organization in here home and business life. This caused disruption on her ability to grow her business to the next level. She seemed to be continuously fighting common colds, headaches and stomachaches, causing her to lose time from work. Although her business was doing well and her family was financially taken care of, she just didn’t feel overly excited about her life. By the end of the program, she shared with the group how much more energized and organized her mind felt and the direction of her future. She was able to create a schedule of when she worked in and on her business finding a comfortable work/life balance. The most impressive and exciting change she noticed was that her relationship with her husband and children was so much more peaceful.


Chances are you’ve gotten so used to the way your life has been that you don’t even realize that small changes can lead to great results in your overall happiness. Implement these simple but profound life changes and see how much happier your life becomes.


  • Believe in the Possibility of Becoming Happier: I remember as a kid my brother would say to me, “I can’t wait for tomorrow, because everyday life just keeps getting better.” I totally believe that if you look for the good you will find the good, so don’t stop believing.


  • Get More Sleep: Studies have proven that getting enough sleep is essential for daily function. Getting an average of 7.5 -9 hours of consistent sleep reduces stress and irritability, builds immunity, encourages weight loss and lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes.


  • Disconnect from Screen: Shut down from all screen time at least an hour before bedtime. Getting one more thing for work before you head to bed is not going to save you anymore time tomorrow. Chances are it will cause your brain to get stimulated thinking about all the others things you need to do. Making it difficult to unwind and get a restful night sleep. This includes “brain-less” TV, I know from experience how this agitates and stimulates thoughts. What value is it adding to your life, why not shut down early and get some extra sleep doing your body good.


  • Create a Plan of Action: Many of have some much going on in our heads. Do a brain dump by writing it all down so it won’t keep you up worrying about every detail. Ever since I was a kid, I noticed my dad who also was a business owner would write down his daily goals for the next day. He got it out of his head and kept him on task and organized to get things done.


  • Attitude of Daily Gratitude: When you begin to focus on the things that you love or appreciate in life you attract more of those treasures in life. One of my favorite daily ritual’s I do with my kids, each night before bed I ask them what they were most grateful for that day. The variety of answers are priceless, what it teaches them is to look at the many things they have to be grateful for rather then focus on the things they didn’t receive or get to do that day.


  • Daily Reflection: Life is like a journey of embracing what is working and learning from our mistakes. Each day take a moment to reflect on what you loved and felt accomplished doing and what you would like to improve upon. Change only occurs when we embrace faults and failures taking action on making small changes everyday.


  • Love Deeper: Past heartaches have caused many of us to retract and protect ourselves from ever trusting or hurting us again. If your heart is in a cage, protected from being hurt, you will never open up to allow anyone to love you to the ability of how they want to love you. Work on loving and trusting yourself more so you can allow others to love you more.


Happiness is the heartbeat of how we receive and react to the world. Imagine opening your heart and mind to be just a little happier and encourage others to be a little happier living by example. I know the world will be a better place if we all just set the intention to be happier then you were yesterday.


If you know someone who could use a happiness boost, please share these tips with love and imagine the impact it could make on their life.