Eps.10 Getting to the True Core of Real Life with Dawn Peters


So many business owners and professionals are suffering daily with not feeling the best they could. Some are trying to thrive in business while dealing with health issues that are holding them back from excelling. They’re faced with struggles such as sleep deprivation, lack of energy and foggy thinking along with weight gain just to mention a few, taking them out of alignment from their personal and professional goals. Leaving them overwhelmed and frustrated looking for different solution’s and ways to get more sleep, reduce stress and lose weight while feeling confident they make the right choice’s on how to combat the multiple symptoms they are struggling to change.


How can anyone thrive or at least enjoy the journey when they are plagued with such things? That is exactly why I invited my next guest to the show. In my interview with Dawn Peters we discuss how to implement simple strategies to gain a new prospective on an over all well-being way of living when real life steps in and try’s to take you off track.


My next guest Dawn Peters from NakedHealth.com will be sharing with us her tips on how getting to the core truth of real life with help in your over all well being allowing you to become more productive in your daily lives while feeling fresh and energized to be happier, love deeper and feel more confident. Dawn Peters coaches corporate clients, families and individuals with her unique 5-pronged approach with real-life, real-food and proven solutions to get real results so they can get back to living a healthy and productive life.


In this Episode the Tips, Tools & Advice you’ll discover to Master your Mind, Body & Pursuit of Passion are how to:


  • Mindset on how to interlock lifestyle balance
  • Eating the right way to become more productive
  • Gain control over better sleep habits
  • Simple steps to implementing diet healthy habits


Connect with Dawn Peters with her variety of services:

Coaching: to Individuals, couples, groups, corporations. My unique 5-pronged approach is a real-life, real-food, proven solution that gives real results. Programs to suit all budgets, schedules, & locations.


Speaking & Wellness program: corporations, groups, organizations


Events: I impact ‘one to many’ through events such as Lunch n Learns, Webinars, Health Fairs, and more boutique gatherings.

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