Love me for who I am, not for who you want me to be…. for I am free to be me!


Wouldn’t it be so nice to have a world filled with people who felt authentically free to be exactly who they were created to become. Imagine how much happier our world would be. Offering an atmosphere for individuals to live out their dreams with no worries of what anyone thought of them.


As a mom of two young boys my husband and I encourage them to grow and explore so they can experience their likes and dislikes. We encourage them try there best and become the best that they can be as individuals. We are teaching our boy’s to identify and pursue daily goals and desires. This will help them to understand that they have control over what makes them feel happy.


As a child it feels safe to dream, it’s fun and exciting thinking of the endless opportunities of believing in our desires. Along our journey as we grow into mature adults, who once had big dreams have now been replaced with fears, procrastinations and lots of resistance. Those dreams that you thought where amazing have been put on a shelf to never be thought of again.


“Find out what you want and go after it as if your life depends on it. Why? Because it does? ~ Les Brown


What happened?


Sadly, our environment gets the best of us. The influencers steal our dreams and steer us down a path that they think is a better one for us. Unfortunately, we lose complete control and have little memories of those fun and exciting dreams you once had.


Before you know it you’re working in a profession that totally doesn’t fit your personality. You wake up feeling inadequate, lacking ambition, with little spark left for life. Inside you’re suffering and you don’t really know why or how you got to this point and you feel there is not much hope for change in the near future.


Today is your day to become the individual you’ve been waiting to show the world. This is your wakeup call to inspire, encourage and make the inner change that you want most.


Get out your journal and begin to write your Free to be ….Me story.


The beauty is that this is your story. You have the pen in hand. Write it exactly how you want it to feel and be. Allow the following questions to help inspire you to get started.


There is nothing holding you back, nobody standing in your way, you have plenty of money available to you and time is completely on your side.


What would you’re life look like if you could do anything or be anyone?


What are the characteristics that you love about yourself and once portrayed but has been set aside?


What characteristics do you admire in someone that you would love to be more like?


If you could be or do anything what would you do for a career?


What about that career makes you happy?


How many lives’ will you have an impact upon?


How would you change lives?


What surrounds you that makes you feel completely safe and at ease?


How do you spend your time?


Who brings out the best in you encouraging and loving you for being you?


Nobody is holding you back, the endless possibilities live within in your believe.


When we gain clarity on what we desire, we begin to live our truth by taking action.


Stay focused and take action on your desires by reading and re-reading your Free to be…. Me story.


This is your life to live.


You are free to be YOU!


Something magical happens when we write out our stories and share them. If you would like, please feel free to share them with me. I’m cheering you on every step of the way.