5 Ways to be More Playful and Truly Enjoy Life

5 Ways to be More Playful and Truly Enjoy Life


It seems like we are all so busy these days, barely having enough time to stop and enjoy life. Many of us take life so seriously working really hard to find happiness, love and success and many of us are just trying to make ends meet.

You may be in a uncomfortable living situation that doesn’t bring joy, love or laughter. Chance’s are you’re wondering when the last time you had a good belly laugh. Sadly, you are not alone but it doesn’t need to be that way. With a little effort and some intention you can find yourself laughing your way to a much happier life.

“The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy.” Proverb

Several years ago my husband and I were trying desperately to create a family of our own. We had what most people would think of as the American dream; we had successful career’s, a beautiful home and a furry bull dog that was treated like a child. The only thing that we felt was missing was the children. We tried for years with no success. The frustration, sadness and anger was taking over my life. All I kept focusing on was what wasn’t working. I was beginning to lose my sassy, fun spirit. I knew something within me needed to change before everything crumbled before me.

Each day I would wake up focusing my thoughts on ways to find more laughter, to love deeper and identify things I was grateful especially for. Within a few weeks I was feeling much happier and life turned for the better. Just in case you were wondering we decided to give up trying to get pregnant and went down the journey of adopting. I was going to be a Mom and I needed to find playful ways to bring good energy into our lives.

Here are some ways to be more playful and enjoy the journey of life even when life things aren’t always going your way.

1) Throw a Dance Party – Imagine a 35 pound bull dog dancing. That in itself is enough to make you laugh. We would crank up the music and dance away the blues. There can be so much joy and laughter when you turn up the music and dance like nobody is watching.

2) Challenge Yourself Physically – Today as a mom, I add playfulness to the day with a little healthy competition with my boy’s. We make it a game just getting to the car or from the car to the store, who can jump higher, run faster, speed walk faster. You get the picture. Kids can totally lighten the mood with joyfulness. If you don’t have kids, challenge yourself to run faster, skip, hop. Who care’s if someone see’s you, you may even encourage them to smile or laugh a little.

3) Be Spontaneous – I’m totally one who likes and works best with a schedule. Of course it makes things flow more smoothly however when I add a little spontaneity into life it is so liberating. Try it, call a friend today to join you for lunch or coffee. Take a ride to some where you’ve never gone before. Check something off your bucket list, do something that makes you feel completely ALIVE.

4) Be Grateful – Maybe things aren’t going the way you really want them to be right now. The more you stress and focus on what’s not working in your life just adds more frustration, anger and sadness. Try shifting your thoughts to become more aware and focused on what your are happy about and feeling grateful for. This will encourage a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

5) Let the Creativity Flow – Nobody says you must be a talented artist to be creative. DO something that get’s your creative juices flowing. One of my favorite ways to feel creative is to go through magazines, cut out pictures and paste them on a board of things and places that I love to look at or would desire to achieve in my life. After I’ve completed my dream board I hang it up in my office where I can see it daily. Often times I find myself day dreaming visualizing my life as though I had each of the pictures. This not only sparks up my good vibes, often time’s I take action on achieving these great goals.

The truth is that whatever you decide to do to be a little more playful it helps you bring light into your world and those who surround you. Never be afraid or hesitant to spread your light with joy and laughter because we ALL could benefit from a good Belly Laugh!






The Power of Visualization

The Power of Visualization

The Power of Visualization

Using Visualization to Create a Successful Life


As the New Year roles on many of us have cleaned the slate from what didn’t work last year and have set new goals, desires and visions to make this the best year you’ve ever lived. Maybe last year didn’t go as good as planned. Clearly no body sets out to have a year be a flop, big fail or just mediocre. It happens when we don’t plan and follow-up on our plans. We lose interest in our goals simply because it takes work and mostly stepping out of our comfort zones. We start of with great ambition life gets in the way and we get off track setting us up to forget about what we set out to complete successfully. The reality is that it takes work to set a goal or intention and to take consistent action to make it happen. Life remains the same as we live under the radar of living out our mediocre and uneventful day-to-day life.


My goal is not to just motivate you to set higher intentions for yourself, career and family life but offer you simple tactics on how to embrace goals and live your life with complete focus and intention.


It’s true what they say about seeing is achieving. They have studies on athlete’s who have trained to visualize taking action in the game, hitting the ball and seeing how far it goes. Those who have gone through this visualization exercise have shown greater improvement than those who don’t apply this step by taking the time to visualize the action.


Imagine if you implemented this same technique into your business and everyday life. Visualize your action steps, achieving them and embracing the outcome having achieved the goal just like professional athletes have been encouraged to do in their everyday life. This technique is not just for the athletes, I’ve been implementing this into my daily life for years and it is so awesome to see it work every time.


My first experience with visualizing goals and desires was in 2002. At the time I was a consultant for a skin care company that offered a Mercedes-Benz as a company car incentive. During a team training, the trainer encouraged us to set a date for achieving the goal of earning the company car. I was so new to the company and had no idea what I was doing but I did what they suggested us to do. Randomly, I turned to February 2002 in pink marker I wrote “EARN WHITE MERCEDES”.


Over the next year I focused on my day-to-day business actions keeping my eye on the picture hanging in my office with me sitting in my dream car. Each day I would imagine picking up the keys to my brand new car while imaging the many happy customers, new consultants and their families that I was able to have an impact on because of taking action sharing the company and products.



The exciting thing was that I did earn the car a month earlier then I had planned. When I began implementing visualization into my life I found it difficult to believe that it was really going to work. What I quickly began to see the results as I applied it to other goals in my life some as simple as easy parking spaces opening up as I approach the store, selling homes (this worked on the last two homes we sold), getting an opening in a safe child care learning center for my son, attracting awesome clients into my business, the list could go on and on. I’ve since named this technique “Asking for Magnificent Miracles” and would love to show you how to simply apply this technique into your everyday life.

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine. John C. Maxwell


Take action now,  what are your dreams, goals or desires?


Be Specific: Write down exactly what you want to happen. The more details you have the better. Think of it as though you’re placing an order. If you’re looking to lose weight, write down how much you want to lose by what date. You can even break it down to how much you want to lose each week or month. Be sure to write the date on when you want to achieve this goal. Setting a date creates a focus on when you want this to come true.


Know your Why: What will change in your life when you accomplish this goal? Having supporting reasons to know why you want to achieve your goal will help you stay on track. It’s the supporting reasons that keep you on track. If you’re goal is to make more money you’ll want to have reasons why you want to make more money. Have a clear image of how this goal will have an impact on your life and the lives of others.


Visualize: Take time each day to imagine your life when you have achieved your goal. Embrace the feelings you will feel when you have completed the goal. Embrace and feel the emotions of those lives you’ve had an impact on because you set your intentions and made it happen.


“What you think about you bring about” ~  Bob Proctor


If your going to think you might as well think about what you do want instead of what you don’t want. Surround yourself with pictures and reminders that inspire and add value to your life. Bring focus and intention to live out the life you desire. Turn this year into your best year ever by living with intention.





Eps. 08 Smart Ways to Leave Career to Pursue a Passion with Joe Fiduccia

Eps. 08 Smart Ways to Leave Career to Pursue a Passion with Joe Fiduccia

Copy of Blaze Success Radio





My guest today is Joe Fiduccia, husband, father, and 15-year entrepreneur. Managed a successful consulting and software training business since 2000. He is now owner of AmericasFootprints.com, which gives people an opportunity to build a digital profile about their life story to eventually pass down to their children. In his spare time Joe enjoys physical outdoor activities, handyman work, and spending time with his wife and son. Time he that he knows he will never get back.


Joe and I had a great conversation relating to how we could all leave an incredible legacy and document it through the platform of what Americasfootprints.com offers and the importance of capturing and documenting the memories before they become forgotten. We also discussed how he took the leap of faith to go from his very stable career in software training to owning and operating his business from the luxury of his home office. In this interview Joe share’s with us smart ways to leave a career to pursue a passion and the steps he took to prepare before he made the decision to run is home based business full time and the things he does daily to stay motivated, inspired and on track to achieving his goals through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.


 In this Episode the Tips, Tools & Advice you’ll discover to Master your Mind, Body & Pursuit of Passion are how to:


  • Smart ways to leave a career to pursue a passion
  • Identify when it’s time to make the leap from career to pursue your passion.
  • Create the Plan to leave your career when the time is right.
  • Plan for longevity.
  • Be Surrounded by Motivation and Inspiration when the going get’s tough.


Interview Links:

Create a Footprint go to: www.AmericasFootprints.com

Special: Save 20% by entering coupon code “BlazeSuccess” on checkout page

Joe’s Favorite book: The Secret

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Eps. 07 Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary with Elizabeth Sanchez

Eps. 07 Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary with Elizabeth Sanchez

Turning ordinary into Extraordinary simply takes having a vision, a dream or a desire, believe in the possibility and then make it a reality.


For many of us we get so busy living our day –to- day life that we actual forget that we ever had dreams and desires. There was probably once a plan to set the world on fire but unfortunately those dreams have been swept under the carpet for “someday” and many may have been long forgotten.


You’re probably thinking, Elizabeth, you don’t understand I’ve got bills to pay and kids to take care of with barely enough time to breath. When would I even have time to think or dream about anything more than my current state of affairs?


I get it ….we all get caught up in trying to get through the day. I want to encourage you if you’re thinking “there must be more to life than this” then be sure to listen to this podcast because I’ll be sharing the exact tips has worked for myself and many of my students on how to ignite dreams and desires turning them into a reality.



In this episode you’ll discover the few simple intentional steps to turn ordinary into extraordinary.


We’ll discuss how to:


  • Wake up and dream again!
  • Gain clarity from the fog so you can think about what you do want in your life.
  • Feel the emotions of achieving your desires so strong that they feel like a reality.
  • Make an impact on the lives of many when you live your reality.
  • Stay on task to achieving your desires and goals.


So, what if there is more to life then this?


Ask yourself this question…. What’s going to change in my life WHEN I accomplish the goals that I desire?


Chance’s are you’ll become a happier, healthier and a more fulfilled individual along the journey.


So why not wake up and start to DREAM again?


Turn ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY TODAY!


I believe all you need is encouragement so be sure to leave a comment below and I will cheer you on all the way.

Stand in your power and live your life

Set Intention’s to Become the Change

Set Intention’s to Become the Change


You’re in the home stretch with 90 days until the new year. I’m not a big fan of New years resolutions because I feel that change can be done whenever you feel you need something more. Who needs the new year when you can set the intentions to become the change RIGHT NOW??!!


Some indicators that it’s time to make a change are thoughts and feeling’s of “Is there more to life then this?” or “ I just wish I could have a beautiful loving relationship I desire” Or “I have so much debt I can barely think about anything else”.  If you hear yourself saying or thinking these or similar thoughts I want to share with you that 1) your not alone and 2) you can have what ever you want if you set the intention to become the change by taking a few action steps to bring your desire’s to fruition.


What ever  it is that’s happening in your life right the greatest thing about today is that you can make things happen, change your focus on new inspiration and become the change that you’ve been hoping for.


So what’s in store for you? …. Do you want to Love deeper, create healthy relationships, achieve the healthy fit body you’ve desired, get a raise or hit your business goals?


Today is the best day to get started with focus. Set the intention to become the change, nobody can do it for you. You have the power within you to make it happen.


Don’t over think these steps just take one at a time, have fun with it and do what feels right to you!


Are you ready to set the intention to become the change? … Here we GOOOO!



  • Shot for the Moon: Clear the slate, what ever happened in the last 90 days doesn’t matter. What does matter’s is how you approach the next few moment’s, day’s, week’s or month. Start fresh. Set goals, priorities and plan for what you would love to see happen in your business. Begin with an idea, a hope or a desire. Write down each goal with the actions steps necessary to achieve it. Be sure to write down the date that you plan on having an accomplished goal. Keep it close so you see it everyday. When you get clear on the “what” the “how” begins to reveal.


  • Create a Dream Board: Browse through magazines for pictures of items, feelings and emotions that you want to acquire. Paste them on a board that you display in your office or location that you see everyday. Miracles occur when you tell the universe exactly what you want….but be sure you BELIEVE in the ability to RECEIVE.


  • Master your Money Blueprint: If money hasn’t been flowing easily and effortlessly into your bank account you may be having a struggle with how you feel about living a life with abundance. Practice feeling good about earning money and how you are receiving a monetary exchange for the gifts you offer the world. Be more present and grateful when for each dollar you spend.


  • Boost your Energy: Select healthier foods for your daily diet. Drink pure clean water, add more green leafy veggies and satisfy your sweet tooth by eating delicious fresh fruit. Implement Exercise 30 minutes a day getting your heart pumping and lymphatic system eliminating waste.


  • Share Inspiration & Positive Thoughts: If you’re going to spend time on social media, add value to others by sharing positive inspiration to their day. This is a perfect opportunity to practice thinking and speaking positive thoughts so it becomes a habit in your daily life.


  • Volunteer in the Community: Spend some time donating a helping hand to a cause that is near and dear to your heart. Volunteering lifts your spirit and benefit in more ways than just the time you spent giving. Decide on an organization and the amount of time that you have to offer each month and go do it ~ You’ll feel amazing and grateful you did!


  • Lead from the Heart: There is no need to compete with anyone else when you have yourself to work on becoming better everyday. What matter’s is that you do your best to take action on expanding the greatness within.


  • Reflect on the Day: Reflect on the daily activities in your life, how could you have made it better and what you will do to make the change tomorrow. Spend time with thoughts of gratitude about the things and experiences that you have in your life today.


  • Self Empowerment: All day long we have conversations within our heads, for many of us these conversations are negative and unproductive. Become aware of how you speak to yourself and replace the conversation with empowering words that have strength and meaning.


  • Experience New Adventures: Spice up your life by doing something new each month. Write it down and share it with others, it may even inspire them to make changes meanwhile helping you stay on track to do something different each month.


  • Find an Accountability Buddy: We all have great intentions to make changes, for many we start off strong and come to complete halt as soon as life gets in the way. Find an accountability partner who is also implementing great changes and hold each other accountable by speaking daily or at least weekly to share what you have accomplished. It’s amazing what gets done in less time when you have someone your reporting to each day.


  • Reward yourself: Lets face it we all love to be rewarded. Don’t wait to accomplish a “BIG” goal to reward yourself. Small changes deserve rewards to keep you on task to get to the big goal faster.



P.S. Take this as a challenge to turn this year into your best year ever! You have all the tools with in you, take charge and take action. The world will be a better place because of the new and improved you!

Share your results with me …. What did you implement? What changed in your life? I can’t wait to hear from you.


Eps. 06 Creating Positive Work Environment’s with Teresa Marinelli



Today on Blaze Success Radio I speak with a special guest and dear friend Teresa Marinelli who is an Executive Coach/Transformational Leadership Advisor with a special emphasis in Relational Design and Akashic Feng Shui. 


Teresa is obsessed with “knowing” about what matters most to you. Specifically… matters related to person and place. Her training as an expert in the relationship between person and place began in the womb which she shared with her identical twin sister. For her entire life, she lived with what she call’s a mirrored existence. Allowing her sister to show her aspects about herself, and then learning from her environment and others in life.


These skills enable her to make “sense” out of what appears to most, as “non”sense.  She believes this “non-sense” actually matters a great deal as it is the “energy” that drives our behavior, fueling our very existence.


Teresa help’s her clients put words and meaning to the overwhelming feelings, stubborn thinking, and very often, uncomfortable experience’s occurring in your life right now. She’s considered an Energy Analyst helping to powerfully improve people’s lives by deliberately designing educated and engaging environments. What she means by “environments” is the use’s of the greater physical world: be it people, places and things as a mirror for energetically analyzing people’s most pressing problems, questions and concerns so that together we can move successfully living and triumphantly experiencing a new way. She helps satisfy people’s need to know by considering their innate guidance and jettisoning their limiting behaviors and beliefs. And when this occurs Suddenly life gets easier, life gets much better.



In this Episode the Tips, Tools & Advice you’ll discover to Master your Mind, Body & Pursuit of Passion are:

  • How the energy in your home or office could be holding you back from having a truly happy and successful life
  • How to Set up your business environment to get on track to achieve higher goals
  • Manage your Energy to reduce stress and eliminate negativity
  • Discover how to Trust the process
  • Creating positive work environment’s
  • Assign a new meaning to the elements that surround the space
  • Realign and receive a natural flow of energy.


Interview Links:

Contact Teresa for your Complimentary Laser Shift Session

Find her at www.OnyourTermsCoaching.com

Teresa’s Favorite books: Power of Full Engagement & Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change

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