Free to be

Free to be

Love me for who I am, not for who you want me to be…. for I am free to be me!


Wouldn’t it be so nice to have a world filled with people who felt authentically free to be exactly who they were created to become. Imagine how much happier our world would be. Offering an atmosphere for individuals to live out their dreams with no worries of what anyone thought of them.


As a mom of two young boys my husband and I encourage them to grow and explore so they can experience their likes and dislikes. We encourage them try there best and become the best that they can be as individuals. We are teaching our boy’s to identify and pursue daily goals and desires. This will help them to understand that they have control over what makes them feel happy.


As a child it feels safe to dream, it’s fun and exciting thinking of the endless opportunities of believing in our desires. Along our journey as we grow into mature adults, who once had big dreams have now been replaced with fears, procrastinations and lots of resistance. Those dreams that you thought where amazing have been put on a shelf to never be thought of again.


“Find out what you want and go after it as if your life depends on it. Why? Because it does? ~ Les Brown


What happened?


Sadly, our environment gets the best of us. The influencers steal our dreams and steer us down a path that they think is a better one for us. Unfortunately, we lose complete control and have little memories of those fun and exciting dreams you once had.


Before you know it you’re working in a profession that totally doesn’t fit your personality. You wake up feeling inadequate, lacking ambition, with little spark left for life. Inside you’re suffering and you don’t really know why or how you got to this point and you feel there is not much hope for change in the near future.


Today is your day to become the individual you’ve been waiting to show the world. This is your wakeup call to inspire, encourage and make the inner change that you want most.


Get out your journal and begin to write your Free to be ….Me story.


The beauty is that this is your story. You have the pen in hand. Write it exactly how you want it to feel and be. Allow the following questions to help inspire you to get started.


There is nothing holding you back, nobody standing in your way, you have plenty of money available to you and time is completely on your side.


What would you’re life look like if you could do anything or be anyone?


What are the characteristics that you love about yourself and once portrayed but has been set aside?


What characteristics do you admire in someone that you would love to be more like?


If you could be or do anything what would you do for a career?


What about that career makes you happy?


How many lives’ will you have an impact upon?


How would you change lives?


What surrounds you that makes you feel completely safe and at ease?


How do you spend your time?


Who brings out the best in you encouraging and loving you for being you?


Nobody is holding you back, the endless possibilities live within in your believe.


When we gain clarity on what we desire, we begin to live our truth by taking action.


Stay focused and take action on your desires by reading and re-reading your Free to be…. Me story.


This is your life to live.


You are free to be YOU!


Something magical happens when we write out our stories and share them. If you would like, please feel free to share them with me. I’m cheering you on every step of the way.














Self-Sabotage, how to get out of your own way

Self-Sabotage, how to get out of your own way

Break free from thoughts that keep you living small.



On the outside you may look like you’ve got it all together. On the inside the little voice inside keeps telling you words that discourage you from feeling happy, joyful, lovable, successful and empowered.



Chances are you wouldn’t allow anyone to speak to you the way you speak to yourself. If you were to record your daily thoughts into words you would be mortified.



Many of us would hate to admit or take responsibility that our thoughts are self-sabotaging our true happiness. Our relationships are not as joyful and loving, our careers or professions are empty and unfulfilling, and our life mission feels like we just simply existence.



Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and lack of control we just go on with relationships that are barely amicable, struggling with health issues, little motivation to make a change because the challenge of finding time for work and family is demanding enough.



Sadly these are the concerns that I hear from individuals on a daily basis.



I admit I have gotten caught up in a few of these excuses and self-sabotaging thoughts from time to time. The difference of getting beat down by them or taking control of your happiness is what you do when you’ve had enough.



The truth is it takes more energy to live with fear, sadness and sorrow. Instead you could be living with freedom from fears, a sparkle in your heart for the love of life and belief of the greatness your future holds for you.



How about a healthy little challenge to help you break free from lack of self love, fears and contentment and trade it for all the happiness you desire.



Here are a few steps to get started breaking free from negative patterns of self-sabotage so you can be reveal the real you.

Let Go of the Blame Game.

Blaming gives away your power, robbing you of good energy by taking away personal control over your life and true happiness. Instead of blaming, identify how  to change the situation by creating a better outcome. Most often it’s just a shift in how you view it. Nothing happens by coincidence, evaluate what lesson, message or test you gained from the situation.


Shed You’re Unworthy Attitude.

It’s true what they say that our thoughts create emotions and our emotions create behaviors. When we are having feelings of unworthiness and not feeling good enough we act as though it is true. We emulate an energy that follows putting out a vibe to the world what you think of yourself. Shed you’re unworthy attitude by reflecting on your accomplishments and hold them in your thoughts daily so you can begin to act upon your inner greatness. Watch and embrace the world as they respond with love.


Face Your Fears Head On.

The projects you keep putting off, the decisions you avoid making and the minor details you avoid by not completing a task hold you back from moving forward into you’re bigger self. There are fears behind these procrastination’s and once you face each fear you’re able to break free from the burden it holds on your life.


Believe in Your Bigger Purpose.

There is no doubt in my mind that we have all been put on this big beautiful earth to serve a purpose. We come from a source of love that heals all illness. For many of us, we allow our fears and self-sabotage to keep us from stepping up to our bigger purpose. Chances are there is a desire within you that you are not serving because of your limiting believes. Today is the day to step up and make the commitment to yourself and your purpose to change and do what you’ve been put here to do because the world is waiting for you.


Begin with One Small Step.

Making a change is scary and can be so over whelming that we put it off for “someday” that never comes. A very wise friend of mine stopped me in my tracks of small thinking with a few words of wisdom, she simply said, “Elizabeth, Rome was not built in a day and neither will your project, so instead of stressing about it, do one thing each day that will get you closer to your goal, over time you will see how far you have come.” Challenge yourself to do one small scary task each day, it only takes about 30 seconds to get past the fear but just imagine how good you will feel when you’ve gotten it done.


Awareness is the first step to overcome defeat and self-sabotage. As you begin to hear your thoughts, take notice to the specific behaviors that are working against your desires.


Listening to your inner critic will help you take control of that little voice. Turn each negative thought into a positive affirmations to encourage you make the necessary changes.


Begin with one thought, one affirmation, one moment at a time.


Retraining your mindset takes time, it’s like a muscle just like if you were to go to the gym to strengthen and tone your muscles.


Take it one day at time, when you fall down, don’t stress it get back up and try again.


Believe in yourself.


Celebrate each action that take’s you closer to your goal.


Nourish your soul by focusing on what your doing right, encouraging you to do more of what feels good.


If you’re someone who really wants to make a change to live a happier life but just can’t seem to get started you are the perfect person to benefit from a life coach.


Having a life coach to support, guide and hold you accountable to make small changes will help you to see great benefits in your relationships, self-love, organization, career or business, health and beyond.


Ready to see great changes in your life?


Identify how you can get on the path to happiness.  Schedule your FREE Success Session today! 


Simple 3 Step Formula for Successful Goal Setting

Simple 3 Step Formula for Successful Goal Setting

Successful goal setting in a few minutes a day.


As the New Year roles on we have cleaned the slate from what didn’t work last year and have set new goals. Our desires and vision is to make this the best year ever. Maybe last year's successful goal setting project didn’t go as well as planned. Clearly, no body sets out to have a year be a flop. We lose interest in our goals simply because it takes work, stepping out of our comfort zones. We start off with great ambition, life derails us and we get off track. The reality is that it takes work to set a goal and consistent action to make it happen. 


My goal is to encourage you to set higher intentions for yourself with simple tactics on how to embrace and achieve each of your goals moment with complete focus and intention.


It’s true what they say about seeing is achieving. There are studies on trained athlete’s to visualize taking action in the game, hitting the ball and seeing how far it goes. Those who have gone through this visualization exercise have shown greater improvement than those who don’t apply this step by taking the time to visualize the action.


Imagine if you implemented this same technique into your business and everyday life. Visualize, achieve and embrace the outcome having achieved the goal just like professional athletes have been encouraged to do in their everyday life. This technique is not just for the athletes. I’ve been implemented this technique into my daily life and taught many clients to do the same and the results are amazing.


My first experience with visualizing goals and desires was in 2002. At the time I was a consultant for a skin care company that offered a Mercedes-Benz as a company car incentive. At a business meeting conducted by Dr. Shad Helmstetter the author of What to Say When You Talk to Your Self, encouraged us to set a date for achieving the goal of earning the company car. Having been so new to the company, I had no idea what I was doing but I played along thinking how awesome this would be if it really worked. Randomly, I turned to February 2002 in pink marker wrote “EARN WHITE MERCEDES”.


Over the next year, I focused on my daily business actions keeping an eye on the picture of me sitting in my dream car. Each day I would imagine picking up the keys to my brand new car while engaging with the happy customers, new consultants and their families that I was able to have an impact on because of taking action sharing the company and products.

Excitingly, I did earn the car one month earlier then planned. As I began implementing visualization into my life I found it difficult to imagine that it was really going to work. Quickly, I began to see the results as I applied it to other goals in my life some as simple as easy parking spaces opening up as I approach the store, selling homes (this worked on the last two homes we sold), getting an opening in a safe child care learning center for my son, attracting awesome clients into my business, the list could go on and on. I’ve since named this technique “Asking for Magnificent Miracles”.


Here is how to simply apply this technique and start seeing Magnificent Miracles in your everyday life.


Be Specific: Write down exactly what you want to happen. The more details you have the better. Think of it as though you’re placing an order. If you’re looking to lose weight, write down how much you want to lose by what date. You can even break it down to how much you want to lose each week or month. Be sure to write the date on when you want to achieve this goal. Setting a date creates a focus on when you want this to come true.


Know your Why: What will change in your life when you accomplish this goal? Having supporting reasons to know why you want to achieve your goal will help you stay on track. It’s the supporting reasons that keep you on track. If you’re goal is to make more money you’ll want to have reasons why you want to make more money. Have a clear image of how this goal will have an impact on your life and the lives of others.


Visualize: Take time each day to imagine your life when you have achieved your goal. Embrace the feelings you will feel when you have completed the goal. Embrace and feel the emotions of those lives you’ve had an impact on because you set your intentions and made it happen.


“What you think about you bring about” ~ Bob Proctor


Here's my take on this, if you're going to THINK then you might as well THINK about what you DO want instead of what you DON"T want just in case this really does work. Also, you might consider surrounding yourself with pictures and reminders that inspire and add value to you. Stay focused on the live you want to attract by taking daily actions on what will bring you closer to making it a REALITY. 


The 90-Day Success Plan

The 90-Day Success Plan

Success depends on what small steps you will take to make great changes.

You’re in the home stretch with less then 90 days until the New Year are you feeling the success that you imagined or planned in the early part of the year or have you gotten off track along the line?

Early on in my career as a business owner I remember hearing my business coach tell me that one of the reasons most business owners fail is because they never begin with a plan. Statistics show that most people don’t even write down their goals. The chances of you achieving your goals are 80% higher just by writing them down, so lets increase our success rate with the 90-day success plan.

“The Key to Success is Action” ~ Brian Tracy

Have you been having feelings or thoughts such as;

“There must be more to life then this.”

“I just wish I could have a beautiful loving relationship ”

“I have so much debt I can barely think about anything else”.

If you hear yourself saying or thinking these or similar thoughts I want to share with you that you’re not alone and you can have what ever it is that you want if you set the intention to become the change by taking a few action steps to bring your desire’s to fruition.


What ever your situation is right now the greatest thing about today is that you can make things happen, focus on new inspiration and become the change that you’ve been hoping for.

So what’s in store for you for the next 30, 60, 90 days?

Are you ready to:

* Establish a Healthier Lifestyle

* Love Deeper

* Take your Business to the next Level

* Launch a business

* Gain Clarity and Focus


Today is the best day to get focus on the 90-day success plan. Set the intention to become the change. You are the only one who has the power within to make it happen.


Don’t over think these steps just take one at a time, have fun with it and do what feels right to you!


Ready to set the intention and become the change? … Here we GOOOO!

Start Fresh: Prioritize your schedule. Clean off your desk and eliminate things in your life that are not working for you. Set attainable goals, priorities and plan for what you would love to see happen in your business or life. Begin with an idea, a hope or a desire. Write down each goal with the actions steps necessary to achieve it. Be sure to write down the date that you plan on having an accomplished goal. Keep it close so you see it everyday. When you get clear on the “what” the “how” begins to reveal.


Create a dream board: Browse through magazines for pictures of items, feelings and emotions that you want to acquire. Paste them on a board that you display in your office or location that you see everyday. Miracles occur when you tell the universe exactly what you want…. be sure you BELIEVE in the ability to RECEIVE.


Master your Money Blueprint: If money hasn’t been flowing easily and effortlessly into your bank account you may be having a struggle with how you feel about living a life with abundance. Practice feeling good about earning money and how you are receiving a monetary exchange for the gifts you offer the world. Be more present and grateful when for each dollar you spend.


Boost your Energy: Select healthier foods for your daily diet. Drink pure clean water, add more green leafy veggies and satisfy your sweet tooth by eating delicious fresh fruit. Implement Exercise 30 minutes a day getting your heart pumping and lymphatic system eliminating waste.


Share Inspirational & Encouragement to Others: If you’re going to spend time on social media, add value to others by sharing positive inspiration to their day. This is a perfect opportunity to practice thinking and speaking positive thoughts so it becomes a habit in your daily life.


Volunteer in your Community: Spend some time donating a helping hand to a cause that is near and dear to your heart. Volunteering lifts your spirit and benefit in more ways than just the time you spent giving. Decide on an organization and the amount of time that you have to offer each month and go do it. You’ll feel amazing and grateful you did!


Lead from your heart: There is no need to compete with anyone else when you have yourself to work on becoming better everyday. What matter’s is that you do your best to take action on expanding the greatness from within.


Reflect on the day: Reflect on the daily activities in your life, how could you have made it better and what you will do to make the change tomorrow. Spend time with thoughts of gratitude about the things and experiences that you have in your life today.


Empowering Self -Talk: All day long we have conversations within our heads, for many of us these conversations are negative and unproductive. Become aware of how you speak to yourself and replace the conversation with empowering words that have strength and meaning.


Spice it Up: Nothing motivates me more then trying something new. It may be going to a new networking group, a different yoga class or attending a workshop on a topic that enhances my skills. Share your experience with others it may even inspire them to make changes meanwhile helping you stay on track to do something different each month.


Accountability: We all have great intentions to make changes, we start off strong and somewhere along the way we get off track before we accomplish our goals. Hire a coach or find an accountability partner who is also implementing great changes and hold each other accountable by speaking daily or at least weekly to share what you have accomplished. It’s amazing what gets done in less time when you have someone your reporting to each day.


Reward yourself: Lets face it we all love to be rewarded. Don’t wait to accomplish a “BIG” goal to reward yourself. Small changes deserve rewards to keep you on task to get to the big goal faster.

Take this as a challenge to make this your best year ever!

You have all the tools with in you, take charge and take action. The world will be a better place because of the new and improved you!

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your future to achieve your business and life goals and want help achieving them? I’m taking on a few new clients, I would love to coach you to the finish line. Schedule your FREE 90-Day Success Strategy Session Today!





7 Steps to Happiness for Everyday Life

7 Steps to Happiness for Everyday Life

I’m sure if you’re like most people you don’t think of yourself as unhappy but let me ask you this…. Could you be happier on a daily basis? Some of us take happiness for granted waiting for someone else to come an deliver it on out door step. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way. It does take effort but the rewards are so worth it. What if I told you that you could have an overall happier vibe from within, would you be interested in making a few changes to reap the rewards of feeling happier?


Before we jump into the 7 steps to happiness for everyday life, lets talk about what will change in your life if you were a bit happier. If you were happier you would be more approachable, open to see things from a different perspective, feel more confident, have more courage to try new things, have more patience, feel energized and excited to live life. Chances are you would probably set goals and achieve them faster then you ever imagined possible.


A few years ago I ran a 7-week program called Oxygen for a Magnificent Mindset program. In the program we implemented techniques that created subtle shifts from within, just by changing a few behaviors and modify how we see and react to everyday life. The results among the participants were amazing. One of the participants was struggling with organization in here home and business life. This caused disruption on her ability to grow her business to the next level. She seemed to be continuously fighting common colds, headaches and stomachaches, causing her to lose time from work. Although her business was doing well and her family was financially taken care of, she just didn’t feel overly excited about her life. By the end of the program, she shared with the group how much more energized and organized her mind felt and the direction of her future. She was able to create a schedule of when she worked in and on her business finding a comfortable work/life balance. The most impressive and exciting change she noticed was that her relationship with her husband and children was so much more peaceful.


Chances are you’ve gotten so used to the way your life has been that you don’t even realize that small changes can lead to great results in your overall happiness. Implement these simple but profound life changes and see how much happier your life becomes.


  • Believe in the Possibility of Becoming Happier: I remember as a kid my brother would say to me, “I can’t wait for tomorrow, because everyday life just keeps getting better.” I totally believe that if you look for the good you will find the good, so don’t stop believing.


  • Get More Sleep: Studies have proven that getting enough sleep is essential for daily function. Getting an average of 7.5 -9 hours of consistent sleep reduces stress and irritability, builds immunity, encourages weight loss and lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes.


  • Disconnect from Screen: Shut down from all screen time at least an hour before bedtime. Getting one more thing for work before you head to bed is not going to save you anymore time tomorrow. Chances are it will cause your brain to get stimulated thinking about all the others things you need to do. Making it difficult to unwind and get a restful night sleep. This includes “brain-less” TV, I know from experience how this agitates and stimulates thoughts. What value is it adding to your life, why not shut down early and get some extra sleep doing your body good.


  • Create a Plan of Action: Many of have some much going on in our heads. Do a brain dump by writing it all down so it won’t keep you up worrying about every detail. Ever since I was a kid, I noticed my dad who also was a business owner would write down his daily goals for the next day. He got it out of his head and kept him on task and organized to get things done.


  • Attitude of Daily Gratitude: When you begin to focus on the things that you love or appreciate in life you attract more of those treasures in life. One of my favorite daily ritual’s I do with my kids, each night before bed I ask them what they were most grateful for that day. The variety of answers are priceless, what it teaches them is to look at the many things they have to be grateful for rather then focus on the things they didn’t receive or get to do that day.


  • Daily Reflection: Life is like a journey of embracing what is working and learning from our mistakes. Each day take a moment to reflect on what you loved and felt accomplished doing and what you would like to improve upon. Change only occurs when we embrace faults and failures taking action on making small changes everyday.


  • Love Deeper: Past heartaches have caused many of us to retract and protect ourselves from ever trusting or hurting us again. If your heart is in a cage, protected from being hurt, you will never open up to allow anyone to love you to the ability of how they want to love you. Work on loving and trusting yourself more so you can allow others to love you more.


Happiness is the heartbeat of how we receive and react to the world. Imagine opening your heart and mind to be just a little happier and encourage others to be a little happier living by example. I know the world will be a better place if we all just set the intention to be happier then you were yesterday.


If you know someone who could use a happiness boost, please share these tips with love and imagine the impact it could make on their life.

Eliminate Fear by Turning it into Action Performance

Eliminate Fear by Turning it into Action Performance


Ugh, even the thought of you having a fear makes me shiver. I just want to wrap my arms around you and tell you that everything will be ok, the truth is that they will go away and everything will work out only if you take some actions to make them go away. Most times our fears will never become a reality however we give them so much energy and attention we make them a problem in our life.

Fear has been known to hold many of us back from our dreams or even just going out to get what we want in life. Some fears are actually productive and can bring us to a safe zone when necessary. They call this physical fear. Let’s say you’re walking down a dark alley and have a negative feeling someone is about to attack you, immediately your fight or flight instincts kick in and you run like crazy to get the heck out of there and into safety. Another type of fear is called Emotional Fear. Emotional fear is what we tap into to feel the fear and do it anyway or become frozen by the emotion of fear, allowing it to take control over our decision making skill to push through and preserve to achieve what we set our mind to accomplish.

As a little girl, I often had bad dreams of monsters chasing me. My mother suggested instead of running away from the monster face the monster and run toward it to see what would happen. Once my mind understood that I could take control of the game and chase him or what I call now is, meet him at the front door and look him in the eye. I recall when I finally found the courage to face my fear it no longer took control of me.

Although I was a child having a bad dream I still use that same technique to face real life fears. Evaluate your fears to identify if your fueling them giving them more energy and taking you further from your desires or are you on your fears and behaviors that aren’t serving your life for the greater good, then you will gain clarity of how you want your life to look like without fear.

Here are a few steps to debunk the fears and turn fear into performance:

Embrace your Emotions: When you have feelings of resistance, anger, frustrations, sadness, or even the feeling of being stuck its time to identify and embrace your emotions. Evaluate what’s happening within you and how your thoughts are creating behaviors that are causing you to have self-defeat and lack of action to achieve your goals. A client, Samantha was telling me that she has a fear of flying and it’s putting a big stress on her job because her boss wants her to fly for work but she gets anxiety each time she gets on a plane and sometimes even the days leading up to getting on the plane are extremely stressful. Her fear of flying is causing her have anxiety attacks, putting off work travel assignments, her job is at risk, not to mention that she refuses to travel on a plane for family vacations and its having a negative impact on her kids.

Time To Take Control: Once you have identified what the fear is and how it has caused you to change your behavior holding you back from living out your life, you can now clearly see that it an emotional fear and not a physical fear causing you to run because your life is in danger. Lets go back to Samantha’s resistance to traveling for work; Samantha noticed her fear of flying began after 9/11 world trade center attacks. We discussed that there has not been attack for over 15 years but the fear continues to take over her actions. She agreed and wants to be able to get on a plane without anxiety. What she really wants is to have the freedom and excitement, exploring new locations for work and pleasure.

Break it down: Now that you have decided that you no longer want to live with this fear lets break it down to what is really going on and how it got to be so big that it caused you to change your behavior. This will give you a much clearer perspective of how you can handle the fear or emotion moving forward in your life.

Start by asking yourself: Why am I afraid of _______ (you fill in the blank with your fear)


Because why? Once you answer the question ask yourself again because why.

If you continue to break it down you will find the fear probably has come from a childhood situation or something that has happened to you. The likely hood of it ever happening again are few and far between giving you back the freedom to live your life with less fear and the invigorating feeling of taking back control of the part of your life that you thought you had lost forever.

Imagine the life you will live when you debunk your fears and discover how you can gain absolute control to live your life and follow your dreams. Today is the best day to regain your happiness and live your life.

If you need more help debunking your fears schedule an Ignite your Magnificence Free 20 min Session with me so we can set a plan to free yourself from fears and turn them into a powerful action plan.