It seems like we are all so busy these days, barely having enough time to stop and enjoy life. Many of us take life so seriously working really hard to find happiness, love and success and many of us are just trying to make ends meet.

You may be in a uncomfortable living situation that doesn’t bring joy, love or laughter. Chance’s are you’re wondering when the last time you had a good belly laugh. Sadly, you are not alone but it doesn’t need to be that way. With a little effort and some intention you can find yourself laughing your way to a much happier life.

“The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy.” Proverb

Several years ago my husband and I were trying desperately to create a family of our own. We had what most people would think of as the American dream; we had successful career’s, a beautiful home and a furry bull dog that was treated like a child. The only thing that we felt was missing was the children. We tried for years with no success. The frustration, sadness and anger was taking over my life. All I kept focusing on was what wasn’t working. I was beginning to lose my sassy, fun spirit. I knew something within me needed to change before everything crumbled before me.

Each day I would wake up focusing my thoughts on ways to find more laughter, to love deeper and identify things I was grateful especially for. Within a few weeks I was feeling much happier and life turned for the better. Just in case you were wondering we decided to give up trying to get pregnant and went down the journey of adopting. I was going to be a Mom and I needed to find playful ways to bring good energy into our lives.

Here are some ways to be more playful and enjoy the journey of life even when life things aren’t always going your way.

1) Throw a Dance Party – Imagine a 35 pound bull dog dancing. That in itself is enough to make you laugh. We would crank up the music and dance away the blues. There can be so much joy and laughter when you turn up the music and dance like nobody is watching.

2) Challenge Yourself Physically – Today as a mom, I add playfulness to the day with a little healthy competition with my boy’s. We make it a game just getting to the car or from the car to the store, who can jump higher, run faster, speed walk faster. You get the picture. Kids can totally lighten the mood with joyfulness. If you don’t have kids, challenge yourself to run faster, skip, hop. Who care’s if someone see’s you, you may even encourage them to smile or laugh a little.

3) Be Spontaneous – I’m totally one who likes and works best with a schedule. Of course it makes things flow more smoothly however when I add a little spontaneity into life it is so liberating. Try it, call a friend today to join you for lunch or coffee. Take a ride to some where you’ve never gone before. Check something off your bucket list, do something that makes you feel completely ALIVE.

4) Be Grateful – Maybe things aren’t going the way you really want them to be right now. The more you stress and focus on what’s not working in your life just adds more frustration, anger and sadness. Try shifting your thoughts to become more aware and focused on what your are happy about and feeling grateful for. This will encourage a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

5) Let the Creativity Flow – Nobody says you must be a talented artist to be creative. DO something that get’s your creative juices flowing. One of my favorite ways to feel creative is to go through magazines, cut out pictures and paste them on a board of things and places that I love to look at or would desire to achieve in my life. After I’ve completed my dream board I hang it up in my office where I can see it daily. Often times I find myself day dreaming visualizing my life as though I had each of the pictures. This not only sparks up my good vibes, often time’s I take action on achieving these great goals.

The truth is that whatever you decide to do to be a little more playful it helps you bring light into your world and those who surround you. Never be afraid or hesitant to spread your light with joy and laughter because we ALL could benefit from a good Belly Laugh!